Collar Walk Set - Collar & Leash

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This collar walk set has the essentials to walk your dog plastic-free and in style. Plus, you can save $15 on the total price of the set. 

Set contains:

1x Macrame Collar (adjustable)

1x Macrame Leash with the choice of:

- Colour combination: solid (select two same colours) or dual-tone (select two different colours) 

- Length: 120 cm (perfect for everyday use) or 150 cm (longer for more room to roam)

2x Complementary Compostable Poop Bags


Please measure your dog's neck before purchasing a collar and use the sizing guide here. Use a measuring tape around your pup's neck and ensure you have 2 fingers under the tape when measuring to ensure that the fit is not too tight. 
- S: 20-30 cm
- M: 30-40 cm
- L: 40-50 cm
If your dog's neck size is outside the range or in between sizes, feel free to contact us and we would love to discuss the custom size for your pup! We do not accept returns for a mistaken size. 
Our macrame range is handmade in Australia using certified 100% recycled cotton and solid brass hardware. It is soft to the touch yet strong enough to handle pups of all sizes.
- hardware: avoid long exposure in wet, salty, or muddy conditions
- regular cleaning: spot clean with damp clothes and dry thoroughly
- deep cleaning: soak in soapy warm water for 10 minutes, rinse with running cold water, pat excess water particularly on the brass hardware, dry in shade  
- This set comes 100% package-free

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