Harness Walk Set - Harness & Leash

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This HARNESS walk set has the essentials to walk your dog plastic-free and in style. Plus, you can save $20 on the total price of the set. 

Set contains:

1x INFINITY Macrame Harness (adjustable)

1x Macrame Leash with the choice of:

- Colour combination: solid (select two same colours) or dual-tone (select two different colours) 

- Length: 120 cm (perfect for everyday use) or 150 cm (longer for more room to roam)

2x Complementary Compostable Poop Bags


Our figure-8 harness is designed and created for security, comfort, and freedom with our signature weaving technic. The figure 8 structure allows you to easily adjust and achieve a good fit for both around the neck and the girth behind the front legs.

- Solid brass buckle and dual D-rings: center attachment for general walking and front attachment for tags or no-pulling leash training

*Please read the size and measurement guide for this product carefully*

1. Place the unlooped harness under the belly right behind the front legs and wrap it around the backside of your pet.
2. Insert the adjustable ends into the middle loop.
3. Have the ends meet in the front of the neck, tighten and buckle up.

*please refer to the last picture or the size guide page.

XXS fits 60-70cm, 2cm wide
XS fits 70-80cm, 2cm wide
S fits 80-90cm, 2cm wide
M fits 90-100cm, 2cm wide
L fits 100-110cm, 2cm wide

XL fits 110-120cm, 2cm wide

This is a guide only. Size might slightly differ due to the handmade nature of each product. Contact us if you are not sure or if you find your pet's measurement between sizes or outside the size range. We would like to discuss a custom size range for your pup. We do not accept returns for a mistaken size.

- Length: 120 cm or 150cm
- Width: 2 cm
- Solid brass snap-hook to attach onto the collar/harness and 1 D-ring to attach poop bags holder, treats bags, etc.

- hardware: avoid long exposure in wet, salty, or muddy conditions
- regular cleaning: spot clean with damp clothes and dry thoroughly
- deep cleaning: soak in soapy warm water for 10 minutes, rinse with running cold water, pat excess water particularly on the brass hardware, dry in shade  
- This set comes 100% package-free

NOTE: While our harnesses are strong and made to last, the durability of our leads depends on the behavior of the pup on walks and may not be suitable for dogs that pull and tug.

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