Classic Macrame Leash 150cm

Size Guide
This timeless and durable leash is an alternative to a conventional leash made from synthetic fibers. The longer version of our Classic leash will allow more room for your pup to roam.
Our leash is handmade in Australia using certified 100% recycled cotton. It is soft to the touch yet strong enough to handle pups of all sizes.
Also available in the Curated Walk Set.
- Material: 100% recycled cotton
- Dimensions: 150 cm length (clip to handle) and 2 cm width
- Care Instructions: spot clean with damp clothes and dry thoroughly
- End of Life: compostable and landfill-safe
- Material: solid brass with a breaking load of up to 200 kg.
- Care Instructions: avoid long exposure in wet, salty, or muddy conditions
- End of Life: 100% recyclable
- 100% package-free
- OEKO-Tex Standard 100, meaning they are certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human (and pups) use.
NOTE: while our leads are strong and made to last, the durability of our leads depends on the behavior of the pup on walks and may not be suitable for dogs that pull and tug.