Our vision is to help and encourage humans living in harmony with their pets and the shared nature.
Our mission is to offer eco-conscious, timeless and high-quality handcrafted pet goods. We aspire to make sustainable living accessible and easy for pet parents.
Through our carefully curated ecosystem of products, we hope we can reach more people (and your pets!) to join our journey in reducing the waste and impact on the planet.
Our planet is a precious place and we believe in protecting it as best we can. At Tokokoro we ensure that we do our part as a small business by taking a number of initiatives.
End of Life for Products
Our products are curated with their end of life in mind. We consider every component of the product and its packaging to ensure that they are fit for purpose. All new products that we develop must be either:
  • Long lasting and recyclable at their end of life. Our hardware are made from solid brass and easily recyclable without losing its quality.
  • Compostable: our pet waste bags and recycled cotton macrame are made from natural materials to ensure they are easily broken down back to the earth.
Think compostable and recyclable - from the cards, stamps to the mailing satchels and boxes.
100% plastic-free and without excessive packaging, we are committed to reduce the waste going into our landfill. We try to minimise the packaging and keep them package free as much as possible and we are mindful to use the appropriate amount of packaging to keep them save during transit. 
Once we ship a package to you, we cannot control what you do with the packaging, but we do encourage to reuse, compost or recycle all packing materials.