Our Story

Hi, Welcome!

We are Adhi and Karin, husband and wife, partners in crime and co-founders of Tokokoro. 

Tokokoro was born out of love to our fur baby, Noodle, and the desire to give back to nature.

"Do you want to go outside" is Noodle's favourite command every morning and afternoon. We noticed he pooped a lot than he ate - being a medium sized Cavoodle, yet he pooped four times a day. Being a thrifty young couple, we've been using cheap plastic bags as we were charged for mega bucks on the greener alternatives from the retail stores.

It was early 2020 when our journey towards reducing our environmental footprint with our furry friends truly began. We started little changes for ourselves by sorting our recycling, bringing our reusable bags and utensils, riding our bikes whenever possible. As a pet parent, we want our fur baby to take part of it, so we educate ourselves and become more conscious about his pawprint too.

These small steps are great, but not until when we watched Sustainability Docuseries on Netflix about plastics piling up in the landfill and ocean. We were looking for the greener products for our pet, but at the time, the majority of non-plastic pet products were either (a) so-called green but actually mixed with synthetic materials, (b) very expensive, or (c) packed excessively or in plastic!

That is our wake up call to find an alternative pet products that are not only earth friendly, but also accessible and affordable to as many people as possible at the same time.

So, you could say Tokokoro was started to fill a need for practical, minimalist design, eco-conscious and affordable alternatives to the conventional pet products made from plastics or synthetic materials.

We are just getting started at Tokokoro. We want to do more and we thank you so much for your support. Please say hello!

Thanks again for your support,

Noodle, Adhi and Karin

Family of Tokokoro.