Compostable Poop Bags - Pooch Rolls

Size Guide
This is an alternative to conventional plastic poop bags. Its minimal appearance is designed to provide a maximal cleaning experience. Made from an extra-thick natural material, our durable and leakproof roll fits most bags perfectly. Lightly powdered so they are soft to the touch and easy to open. Each roll contains 15 bags.

- 100% compostable and disintegrate in landfill within 180 days
- Materials: PLA (corn starch), PBAT (a binding agent that helps degradation), and 100% recycled cardboard
- Dimensions (H x W): 32 cm x 22.5 cm (Bags) and 6 cm x 3.2 cm (Rolls)
- Storage: Store in a dry place. Recommended shelf life of 9 months
- Usage estimate based on 2 bags per day: 6 Rolls (1.5 months), 12 Rolls (3 months), 24 Rolls (6 months)
Certified DIN Home Compostable (equivalent to AS 5810 ABA Home Compostable)
Certified DIN Industrial Compostable (equivalent to AS 4736 ABA Industrial Compostable)
NOTE: Dog waste can not be composted with fruit and vegetables. For industrial composting, please check with your municipal/private composting pick-up service to see if they accept pet waste.

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